Kra-Z-Kai’s Laotion Barbecue

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Lao cuisine is very distinct from other Southeast Asian cuisines. The staple food of the Lao is steamed sticky rice which is eaten by hand. Sticky rice pairs best with Lao BBQ and Lao Papaya Salad. In fact, the Lao eat more sticky rice than any other people in the world!
Here at Kra-Z-Kai’s BBQ we look forward to introducing and sharing our traditional home cooking with you. We insist on using only the best and most fresh ingredients in our food, sure to satisfy every food enthusiast.





ຍັງບໍ່ມີຣີວິວເທື່ອ! ຂໍຄົນທຳອິດຣີວິວໃຫ້ແນ່!!

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