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Lao Egg Salad

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4 people · Easy · 30 min · Cheap

Spending time with family on weekend, we needed to find something to eat. We found lots of eggs in the fridge so we prepared this Lao menu: the Lao Egg Salad. Here is yummy recipe.



Step 1. Wash all vegetables and cut them about 5 cm size and leave them dry

Step 2. Pound roughly garlic and onion, then fry with oil until yellow. Add sugar, continue with slow heat to get brown color, then add water. Keep boiling until sugar melts and leave it cool.

Step3. Cut the eggs but leave 5 eggs for decoration on the dish

For 10 eggs, take only yellow eggs and mix with the sugar water above.

Step 4. Add lime juice, salt, fish sauce, and peanuts

Step 5. Add vegetables to the bowl and add dressing, mix gentle and ready to serve topping with peanuts. Zap!


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