Chicken organs stew with herbs

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4 people · Easy · 40 min · Cheap

This dish of chicken organs stewed with herbs can be found in every remote part of Laos. Its unique taste come from the fermented fish sauce (Padek) that you find only in Laos.



1. Use a mortar and a pestle to pound red shallots with garlic, sliced ginger, sliced galangal and sliced lemongrass.

2. After that, heat oil in a pot and add these ingredients that you have just pounded, stir fry it until they become light brown, then add the chicken organs, stir a bit and add some water.

3. Add seasoning with the fermented fish sauce (padek) and MSG. Cook for about 20 minutes. Let the sauce reduce a bit.

4. Finally, add green onions, coriander, culantro and dill. Taste and turn of the heat. Ready to serve.


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