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Pork crackling

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How to make pork crackling at home. Let's start!



1. Clean pork skin by removing the dirt. Remove the fat and keep only 2 mm thick. ( For the removed fat, slice thinly to be used later). Then use the fork to stick all over the pork skin. After that, slice into pieces about 2 inches long and half inch width.

2. Dissolve salt in white vinegar, then pour on the pork skin. Mix and marinate about 8-10 minutes. Then drain the pork skin.

3. Have a wok or big pan on low heat, add vegetable oil and spread all over the pan. First, add the sliced fat, stir fry about 2 mns. Second, add the pork skin and keep stirring with low heat until the skin is pop with air inside and the color is light yellow ( Be careful not to let it burn), Then remove the pan from the stove, leave and soak the pork skin in the pan about 24 hours.

4. After 24 hours, next step is to fry now! Take out the pork skin from the pan. Keep the oil in the pan and put it on medium to high heat. Once the oil is hot, add pork skin back to the pan. Deep fry until the skin is pop and light brown (not dark brown), then it's time to transfer pork crackling to the plate. Keep it cool down and enjoy!

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ຂອບໃຈທີ່ ແຊ ສູດນີ້, ກຳລັງຢາກໄດ້ພໍດີ 😊🙏
ຍິນດີເດີ ລອງເຮັດເບີ່ງຈະອອກມາຄືໃນຮູບບໍ່ 🥰🥰
Khop jai thi shere soud

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