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The 100 Chili Papaya Salad

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3 people · Easy · 15 min · Average

Will you dare tasting this authentic super extra spicy 100 chili papaya salad?




1. Wash and peel the green papaya. Slice it into thin shreds using a large sharp knife, keep the shreds in a bowl.

2. In a mortar, add the 100 chili with the peeled garlic cloves, kapi, msg, palm sugar, brown sugar and pound all to mix well all ingredients.

3. Add in the mortar the lime juice, the fish sauce and the cherry tomatoes and pound all again.

4. Add the padek, the green papaya shreds and the slices of garlic leaves, pound and mix again.

5. Taste and adjust the seasoning if needed, then serve in a plate with the leaves of cabbage and other vegetables.


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