Japanese pork rice bowl (butadon)

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Japanese pork rice bowl is so delicious, so easy to make. We love it :)




1. Add oil in the pan, add slices yellow onion, stir fry until light brown color.

2. Add pork, (use chopstick to separate every pieces of pork) and stir fry well together.

3. Add grated ginger about 1 tsp.

4. Add Japanese light-soy sauce, Kikkoman soy sauce, Kikkoman Aji-Mirin, and sugar. Mix well together, and cover about 5 mns. Let the pork absorb the sauce, adjust the seasoning and turn off the fire.

5.To serve: Add the steamed rice to the bowl, put the pork on top and pouring the sauce. Add poached egg and sprinkle with green onion. Ready to enjoy​:)​


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