Snow cake!

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The best Taiwanese recipe of the summer is undoubtedly the SNOW CAKE !!! It is a dessert that dates back a long time and we even find its recipe in a sixteenth century novel (Jin Ping Mei). It is a dessert of Chinese origin that has become very popular in Taiwan. This cake is also known to be refreshing and delicious at the same time. Indeed, it is made from coconut and sugar, and the two hours of rest in the fridge makes this flan pleasantly fresh !!!

Instead of using coconut powder, you can also replace it with peanut, cocoa or sesame powder ...! Want to eat a fresh dessert for this summer? Trust me, try this recipe, and you will be in for a treat!

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1. Take a rectangular cake mold and cover it with baking paper.

2. Prepare a frying pan, put two-thirds of the milk in it, then the coconut milk. Melt the sugar in the liquid and bring everything to a boil

3. In a separate bowl, mix the cornstarch in the remaining milk, be careful: the cornstarch does not mix in a hot liquid.

4. Pour the preparation into the pan by passing it through a sieve, lower the heat, stir and mix until you obtain the texture of panna cotta.

5. Turn off the heat, put the preparation in the cake pan, spreading it with a wooden spatula. Leave to rest for 2 hours in the fridge.

6. Take out the cake and sprinkle it with grated coconut, then cut it into small squares. A table c'est Chiou!

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