Taiwanese Tea Eggs

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Eggs cooked in tea taste salty with a hint of sweetness that comes from both spices and soy sauce, everything we love here! Because the tea egg is widely consumed in Taiwan. The Taiwanese consume around 100 million per year!

And be careful, this has nothing to do with 100 year old eggs!

For the sachet of spices, if you can't find it, you can just use 5g of star anise, 5g of cinnamon and 5g of cumin. For green tea, you can replace it with a Twinings tea bag.

You can choose to put raw eggs for cooking in the preparation instead of using hard-boiled eggs. It just takes a little longer for the taste to penetrate under the shell! And finally, you can reuse the sauce about three times!

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1. To start, boil some water and put ten eggs in it. After 7 minutes, take them out, break them slightly with a wooden spoon. You have to break the eggs so that the taste can get under the shell.

2. Then cover them with water. You must fill the pan with water so that all the eggs are soaked. Add soy sauce, tea leaves, spices in a cotton bag, and salt.

3. Simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let cool until lukewarm. Repeat the step a second time. Do not forget to change the eggs and spices of place at each stage for an homogeneous cooking.

4. We have already done this step 2 times, you need to repeat this step at least 3 more times, i.e. boil 5 times to get a more pronounced taste.

5. Finally let stand overnight, and voila, you just have to break your eggs to admire the beautiful brown color.

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