Oua mak phet yai

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5 pepper · Medium · 40 min · Cheap

Oua mak phet yai are some sort of Jalapeno chili stuffed Lao style. Filled with pork and rice vermicelli and seasoned with fermented sauce, grilled on charcoal, to eat with sticky rice. DELICIOUS!



Step 1: Cut each pepper, half from top to down and remove the seed

Step2: Chop finely the pork with Vermicelli

Step3: Smash garlic and red onion finely

Step4: Mix mashed garlic and onion with pork and vermicelli , add egg and fermented fish sauce( or you can use normal fish sauce) then mix them together and taste it first.

Step5: Stuff meat to each pepper then grill on charcoal (slow fire) until the meat cooked. Serve with hot sticky rice. Zap!


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